Segnalazioni dalla letteratura
Mazzon D, Longato C, Barbisan C, Orsi L, Rupolo GP, Valmassoi G, Simini G.
Per una lettura in chiave bioetica delle terapie intensive - Minerva Anestesiol 2000 Nov;66(11):829-38


The bioethical interpretation concerns both those receiving intensive care (IC) and the nature of the treatment itself. The principle of autonomy expressed in the doctor-patient relationship is achieved through the use of informed consent and may also be used in the unique context of patients in IC. Organ-function replacement treatment raises the ethical question of the definition and management of the limit to treatment. The appropriateness of IC can be defined by clinical and ethical criteria and aims to avoid inappropriately excessive treatment. In order to improve the decision-making process involving bioethical questions, the authors outline a number of working approaches: the use of informed consent even in IC, the possible role of Advanced Directives in IC, epidemiological studies, operator training.
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