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Ducharme J.
Acute Pain and Pain Control: State of the Art - Ann Emerg Med. June 2000;35;592-603


Recognition and treatment of pain in the emergency department has undergone an evolution in the past decade.
Emergency clinicians, educators, and researchers have begun to address the undertreatment of pain as well as challenge the longstanding dogmas concerning pain treatment.
Well-described barriers, both psychological and educational, contribute to our providing inadequate pain relief.

This state-of-the-art update describes the current perception of our practice with regard to pain relief and how it can be modified. Pain and pain control is such a broad and complex topic that only new advances and important principles relevant to the practice of emergency medicine are presented. Headache, pediatric pain, and procedural sedation and analgesia are not covered in this article as they will be addressed in future state-of-the-art articles.

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